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Platinum Games Unveils Two Brand New Projects, One of Which is a Mobile Game

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Platinum Games Unveils Two Brand New Projects, One of Which is a Mobile Game

Platinum Games is looking to tackle the mobile market.

The folks over at Platinum Games have recently announced two new titles that are a little bit different than what we’ve come to expect from the team behind Bayonetta, Vanquish, and the upcoming RPG, Scalebound. Entitled Lost Order and Granbule Fantasy Project Re: Link, the new projects seem to be targeted primarily at mobile gamers and less so at their usual fans, which consists of console and PC gamers.

Lost Order is Platinum Games’ first smartphone title and looks to have a very steampunk/fantasy theme to it. The announcement trailer for Lost Order doesn’t feature any actual gameplay so it’s a bit hard to speculate in regards to the game’s genre at this time. The art style does look pretty good, however, and the official website states that Lost Order will be available for both iOS and Android devices when it comes out, which is always good to hear.

As for Granbule Fantasy Project Re: Link, this is an upcoming RPG that seems to play a lot like some of the Final Fantasy games, though the gameplay itself is based on a different series altogether. Granbule Fantasy is a popular Japanese RPG franchise for mobile devices that served as a source of inspiration for Platinum’s new project, however, the developers have confirmed that this will actually be a console title and not a mobile one.

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