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No Man’s Sky: How to Quit the Game


No Man’s Sky: How to Quit the Game

Quitting – No Man’s Sky

It’s easy to get lost in a session of No Man’s Sky. All of that exploration and discovery can really suck the hours out of your day. At some point you’re going to have to call it quits so you can either eat, sleep, or get back to that job you were supposed to be doing. Sort of how like casinos don’t have windows so you can’t tell the time and leave, No Man’s Sky doesn’t exactly tell you how to quit. Allow us to help you out with that.

Surprisingly enough, there is no option or prompt to exit the game at all. In order to quit, you simply have to exit the game (using the PS button on your controller), press options, and choose Close Application.

Before doing any of that though, make sure that you’ve found a save spot in the game. If not, you will lose all of your progress, and nobody wants that. Especially not after finally found your first Warp Cell.

Now that you’re taking a break, perhaps you’d like to read up on how to do other things in No Man’s Sky. If so, check out our ultimate guide filled with everything you need to know.

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