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No Man’s Sky Guide: Combat Tips for Beginners


No Man’s Sky Guide: Combat Tips for Beginners

Planetary and Space

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky may be all about exploration and discovery, but that doesn’t mean you never have to watch your back. There are millions of different unknown lifeforms out there as well as pirates and Sentinels. So, while combat isn’t a primary focus of gameplay, you’re going to want to learn your way around some guns, explosives, and Starships.
There are two types of combat in No Man’s Sky: Planetary (on foot) and Space (in a ship). Each one plays out a bit differently, although they have the same goal: survive. You’ll need to get used to fighting in different environments, as well as fighting in 360 degrees.
While it can be dangerous, we put together some tips to help you survive against any opponent that may try to block your progress.

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