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Languages – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide


Languages – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide

No Man’s Sky is full of different planets and alien races that players can interact with. Those alien races not only have unique looks, but they also have distinct languages as well. During your first steps through the universe you will not understand a single word spoken to you, but there are ways to expand your knowledge in order to learn each and every one.

Languages in No Man’s Sky are learned one word at a time through a number of different sources:

  • Knowledge Stones – Cylindrical relics of each alien race that contain the knowledge of a single word. They’ll appear on your HUD as a blue and white alien symbol.
  • From the Aliens ThemselvesInteracting favorably with aliens presents an opportunity for a reward. Sometimes this reward comes in the form of a word.
  • Terminals – Some of the buildings you come across are actually living quarters for colonists. Every now and then these quarters will have a small terminal that will teach you a word when interacted with.
  • Plaques – These are another form of relic that are bigger than Knowledge Stones but smaller than Monoliths. They each contain a piece of knowledge that can sometimes be a new word.
  • Atlas – Entering an Atlas station will teach you a few words.

After learning words from any of the specific languages, they’ll be highlighted in red whenever used. This will provide clues during interactions, allowing you to better make action choices which is crucial since you always have only one chance at these decisions.

List of Languages in No Man’s Sky

  • Your Native Language
  • Korvax
  • Gek
  • Vy’keen
  • Atlas

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