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Heroes of the Storm Is Adding Another Overwatch Character


Heroes of the Storm Is Adding Another Overwatch Character

Nothing screams new like ladies taking names.

A new update for Heroes of the Storm called Machines of War will be adding two new heroes, along with new StarCraft themed maps and skins.

Alarak from StarCraft II’s Legacy of the Void expansion will be joined by Zarya from Overwatch, who will be the second character from Blizzard’s new game after Tracer. Zarya will also be the second ranged warrior to join Heroes of the Storm.

The trailer also revealed two different maps introduced as the Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junction maps. Braxis Holdout features stuff like Zerg waves which can be used against players. Warhead Junction will stick true to its name as it features the Warhead Deployment, meaning there will be times when Warheads and Nukes can rain down from above. It was announced that Kerrigan will also be receiving a new skin called “Queen of Ghosts” and a new mount called the “Ghost Speeder.”

There was no exact release date for when this update will be out, but Blizzard did share that if players purchase the Machines of War bundle they will receive early access to the StarCraft themed mounts and skins, as well as access to Alarak.

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