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Dead Rising 4 Will Let You Slay Zombies Without Worrying About the Clock

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Dead Rising 4 Will Let You Slay Zombies Without Worrying About the Clock

Now you can stay up all night with the zombie hordes.

Capcom has revealed a bit about Dead Rising 4 that just may get you even more excited for the holiday, zombie-slaying antics. Unlike previous entries in the series, Dead Rising 4 is completely giving up the time limit mechanic. That means when you take control of Frank West, you won’t have to worry about any injection or looming apocalyptic event.

It’s an interesting turn of events considering how ingrained into each experience the sense of time has been but thanks to a new focus on exploration, time just doesn’t really fit into the equation. According to Capcom Vancouver Studio Head Joe Nickolls (via Gamespot) “We did a ton of user research on it, and the majority of the people said they didn’t really love the timer–they wanted to explore. There’s so much hidden side content that when we did it with a timer, people were just getting pissed off because they couldn’t finish half of what they wanted to finish.”

Dead Rising 4 has been designed from the ground up to promote that desire to check around every corner and search every building without feeling rushed by an invisible clock somewhere in the digital sky. That design focus is being used for other gameplay elements as well. Since you’ll be free to do as you please with not timer, you’ll actually have to search areas where it makes sense to find items. Need food for some health? You’ll have to locate a restaurant or grocery store as randomly finding sustenance of the floor will be far more rare. The same goes for weapons and clothing as well.

It seems as if Dead Rising 4 is shaking up the series quite a bit, but you’ll have to wait until Dec. 6 to find out just how much when the game releases on PC and Xbox One.

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