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Dead by Daylight: How to Level Up


Dead by Daylight: How to Level Up

Movin’ on up.

Dead by Daylight allows players to level up in two different ways: You can level characters up individually, or you can earn exp for your overall player rank. Here’s how to level up both of these.

Leveling up your characters is done by completing Bloodwebs. These are essentially skill trees where you’ll be able to unlock different skills by spending Bloodpoints. Completely filling a Bloodweb will cause your Survivor or Killer to level up, allowing access to a new Bloodweb and a bunch of new skills. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re saving up all of your Bloodpoints to spend on your favorite Survivor or Killer to give them the best range of abilities.

If you’re looking at increasing your player rank, you’ll need to earn Pips. Pips can be earned and lost depending on your actions within a number of different categories. These are as follows:

Killer Categories:

  • Brutality- Based on attack and destruction.
  • Deviousness- Using cunning and hurtful devices.
  • Hunter- Based on tracking, finding, and chasing.
  • Sacrifice- Hooking a Survivor and other Entity related actions.

Survivor Categories:

  • Objectives- Progression towards the escape.
  • Survival- Based on self-preservation.
  • Altruism- Helping others and cooperation.
  • Boldness- Risky actions and taunting the Killer.

The game contains 20 ranks and at the end of every season (which lasts one month) the rank will reset. There is one separate rank for Survivor and one for Killer.  Through performing actions that fit into one of the above categories, you’ll earn Pips which will help you to level up.

Unfortunately, a number of players have stated that they have had problems leveling up and that the Ranking system in Dead by Daylight is a bit glitched. Hopefully, Behaviour Interactive will get a patch out soon enough to fix it, but only time will tell on this one.

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