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Attack on Titan: How to Get and Use Sound Grenades


Attack on Titan: How to Get and Use Sound Grenades

Sound Grenades – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is the latest anime game from Koei Tecmo that will let you play the role of several iconic characters from the manga and anime. Each one has different stats, motives, and personalities as they go through life in a world that’s wrought with killer giants called Titans. You’ll swing, slash, and ride your way to victory, though, with the help of items like the sound grenades.

When you’re facing a Titan with a soundwave underneath their health bar, you’ll know that they’re affected by sound grenades. What this means is that you have the chance to temporarily stun them as they clutch their ears in pain by dropping one of these bad boys in front of them. Once you’ve unlocked sound grenades naturally through the story, they’ll become part of the arsenal of items you can use against Titans. Scroll through this inventory using the left or right buttons on the d-pad, until you reach a purple icon.

These are your sound grenades; take note that they’re not unlimited, so you’ll need to resupply if you’ve used them up in battle. Once you’re ready to drop one, hit up on your control pad and get ready to make some moves. The Titan will be stunned, so it’s a good idea to either make a break for its neck or run away to safety now. Whatever you plan to do, act quickly!

For more Attack on Titan help, check out our wiki full of tips and guides!

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