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Attack on Titan: How to Beat the Armored Titan


Attack on Titan: How to Beat the Armored Titan

Armored Titan – Attack on Titan

The Armored Titan feels like Omega Force wondered how they could make a boss that would make players pull out their hair, and deciding on mixing the toughest traits of every other Titan in the game. If it had fur like the Beast Titan, it would be virtually impossible to defeat. Imagine the Female Titan with all of that speed and deadly force, but tripled, and covered in armor that may as well be plates of diamond. On top of that, you have to carefully manage the angles you attack in or else your blades do nothing at all. And just in case you didn’t think this would be challenging enough, fights with the Armored Titan tend to begin in closed spaces, leaving you with very few avenues of escape.

The good thing is that no fur means no need for any items. Really, the toughest part about facing the Armored Titan is finding the right angle. Thankfully, it isn’t too complicated, you just need to be patient. As we mentioned before, this particular Titan is covered in armor that is impossible to break, but there are gaps where you can cause damage. These gaps are located in the bends of his joints, which means behind his knees and the inside of his arms. With that knowledge the encounters become a bit easier.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter if you go for the arms or legs first. Go for whichever presents the earliest opportunity then stick with it. Make sure to set your companions to Focus (press down on the d-pad to change their setting), so that you get a steady stream of damage going. We recommend not switching parts until you have one completely disabled. Focus and attack.

One thing that makes the Armored Titan incredibly difficult is that it doesn’t seem to lose any speed or intensity during the fight. Even after taking out the legs or arms, you still have to deal with a seriously vicious shoulder dash, a spinning jump, and powerful punches await even after taking out the arms.

In order to have some leverage in the fight, lead the Armored Titan into a more open area if you’re not comfortable fighting around obstacles. This will help with watching out for his jump and dash which are the most dangerous offenders. The jump is almost exactly like the Female Titan’s, so when he goes into the air and shakes off your anchors, quickly dash away in any direction. When he lands, lock back on and continue your assault. When you see the Armored Titan drop his shoulder, he will charge a fair distance in a straight line causing massive damage. If you’re out of Focus meter, you’ll instantly die, so just dash to either side.

As long as you stay calm, you can wait for him to end his attacks and make a beeline for the inside of his joints. It’s best to attack after he attacks because he’ll rest for a few seconds. That is your clearest opening and can make the fight much easier rather than rushing in every time you latch on.

The easiest way to beat him will require Eren, but you have to do it before your Titan transformation runs out. After beating chapter 4, which happens long before your first encounter with this boss, you’ll unlock Eren’s Transformation ability. This allows you to turn into his powerful Titan form, capable of easily demolishing most titans. Save up that meter and don’t trigger it until you’re right next to the Armored Titan. This will damage him and knock him back allowing you to start your assault. Get close and grab the Titan by pressing Triangle/Y. Just spam this attack, as it does more damage than your punches, and will keep the Armored Titan on the floor. Once he’s stunned (white circles will appear over his head and he’ll be down on his knees), walk up and press Circle/B. This will put him in some weird headlock that will either finish the fight or leave the Armored Titan with only a sliver of health. Finish him off and you’re set.

Do not become lax in your attack, though. If you run out of Titan time while fighting, all that damage you did will be for nothing. You will then have to take out all the limbs the hard way, and that’s no fun.

For more Attack on Titan help, check out our wiki full of tips and guides!

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