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We Happy Few: How to Sleep in Beds and Get Bonuses


We Happy Few: How to Sleep in Beds and Get Bonuses

Sleeping in Beds in We Happy Few

We Happy Few is a survival game through and through. You’ll have to search for resources, craft, manage hunger and thirst, and even have to keep an eye out for fatigue. The more fatigued you become, the less stamina you have, making it much harder to move about and survive. The best way to combat fatigue in We Happy Few is to sleep in a bed, of which there are plenty around.

Sleeping in a bed is easy. You walk up to one, hit “X” on your Xbox controller to bring up the time menu, then select how many hours you want to sleep from one to 24 hours. Once you’ve done that, simply press “A.” Sleeping does two important things, it heals you and it passes the time. The healing is good, as it can save some of those First Aid Kits and Healing Balms you’ve been hoarding. Passing the time can be good or bad depending on your circumstances.

Passing time has the added affect of increasing your hunger and thirst. While water isn’t too difficult to come by, food can be. If you’re out of food, or only have spoiled food, this can be a problem. But, if you have a quest that requires you to do something at a certain time of day, this can definitely speed things up for you.

You can technically sleep in any bed you come across, which is pretty handy. But, sleeping in your own bed back at your safehouse is the safest option. If you’re trespassing, you can be woken up by some not to happy homeowners looking to crack you open like a coconut. If you happen to have already cleared the house out, you should be fine, but keep in mind the difference between deceased and unconscious. If you simply knock someone out and then go to sleep, they will always wake up before you. That’s not something you want while trying to catch some shuteye. Safehouses can be identified by the green house icon on your compass, so head there whenever you need a bed to sleep on.

We Happy Few is all about staying aware of your surroundings, including while your character sleeps. Always keep that in mind. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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