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We Happy Few: How to Get Food and Water


We Happy Few: How to Get Food and Water

Getting Food and Water in We Happy Few

Underneath the creepy utopia and medically induced smiles of the people within We Happy Few lies a survival game. Like most survival games, two needs that must be addressed at all times while playing are Hunger and Thirst. These are combated with food and beverage (usually in the form of water). That means you’ll have to head out into the open world and find some more for yourself or you’ll die.

Fatigue will do nothing more than lower your stamina and make it much harder to run and fight if you let your sleep meter completely empty. Hunger and Thirst, on the other hand, will place you into a dying state. If you don’t find anything you will pass out on your own or the very next hit you suffer will kill you. It doesn’t matter how full your health bar is, so make sure to keep a plentiful stock of snacks and water.

Finding water is easy. You’ll come across tons of taps as you explore the world, and you can drink directly from them. If you find a canteen, you can also refill it at a water pump and carry it around with you at all times.

Food, on the other hand, isn’t always so readily available. Vegetables can be found in gardens, but are rotten more often than not. In fact, a lot of the food you’ll come across in the game is moldy, rancid, spoiled, or completely rotten. Beggars cannot be choosers, though, as Hunger is a lot more likely to kill you in We Happy Few than Thirst. Thankfully, there’s a drink called Sick Up Tea that cures food poisoning. If you have no choice, eat the bad food then quickly consume the Tea once you’re done to both satiate your appetite and keep yourself from keeling over from what you’ve just filled your belly with.

Common places to find food are on the bodies (either dead or unconscious) of NPCs, inside stoves, campfires, fireplaces, and indoor containers. Containers seem to have the lowest chance of having food from what I’ve seen, but it’s worth searching all of them. Garbage cans tend to have some as well, but that’s just about always spoiled.

When you move onto the nicer parts of the island you’ll come across much better pickings. People here keep things fresh and healthy so you can worry a bit less about poising yourself (but if a desperate time arises, don’t hesitate). Savor every morsel you get your hands on, you never know when you’ll see some again.

In the same places you find food, you can find beverages other than water. Canned juices and alcohol are there if you need them, but water is your safest bet.

Keep your eyes open and you should keep a full belly with ease. Just remember, don’t be so picky. For more tips, tricks, and information on We Happy Few, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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