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Twitch Broadcaster Gets SWATed While Streaming Pokemon GO

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Twitch Broadcaster Gets SWATed While Streaming Pokemon GO

Another unfortunate incident.

Pokemon GO has taken off recently and just like with any popular game, there are several streamers on Twitch who broadcast the game on their channel. Unfortunately one Pokemon GO broadcaster, Jarydsummit1g” Lazar, was doing just that when someone in his chat called the police on him.

“I’m not in any danger whatsoever. I promise,” said Lazar while speaking to his viewers.  “A cop’s not just gonna come up and point his rifle at me for no reason. When it comes to police officers, I listen to every word they say and I abide by what they tell me to do.”

The police arrived on the scene shortly on the scene shortly after, and while it was difficult to make out what they were saying, you could hear shouting in the background. The stream went on for several minutes with Lazar talking a little with his viewers at home.

“Well, maybe we are going to have guns pointed at us. That’s not good. Oh boy, I really hope I don’t get shot here,” he said at one point. He also asked his viewers to report the person who called the police and “[made] him go through this” in the first place.

“I would turn this off, but I’m not going to move my fucking hands to turn this off guys, sorry,” Lazar also said on stream. Viewers did call for the stream to be disconnected or put into adult-only mode and for some to contact his wife to disconnect the stream from home. After some silence the stream did disconnect assumedly because of his wife.

This isn’t the first time that a Twitch broadcaster was SWATed, which is the act of a viewer calling the police on them while they are live. Usually this involves that viewer making up a serious crime going on that would cause the local SWAT team to respond. This leads to dangerous situations being created while other people watch over the internet and is an act that can lead to jail time.


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