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Blizzard Wants to Add More Overwatch Characters to Heroes of the Storm

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Blizzard Wants to Add More Overwatch Characters to Heroes of the Storm

Tracer is just the first of many.

Tracer was the first character from Overwatch, Blizzard’s latest online multiplayer first-person shooter, to make an appearance in Heroes of the Storm. It looks like Blizzard Entertainment wants to add even more characters from that game to the online battle arena.

Speaking to Destructoid, lead Hero designer Kent-Erik Hagman expressed his interest in including more Overwatch heroes in Heroes of the Storm:

“I’d say the reaction to Tracer has been overwhelmingly positive! She has such a fun, almost militantly- positive personality that brings a unique voice to the Nexus. Having seen how our players reacted to her, you can definitely say that we’re looking at adding even more Heroes from Overwatch! There are so many awesome characters that we think would make great, unique additions to Heroes of the Storm.”

There’s a lot of potential for Overwatch characters to become great, balanced additions to HotS, and while Tracer wasn’t exactly loved by the entire player base when she was first incorporated, she was quickly balanced out to become a more manageable hero in the game.

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