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Starbound: Where to Find Cotton


Starbound: Where to Find Cotton

Cotton is an incredibly important resource in Starbound. Not only do small items such as the teddy bear require it, but many of the tier II armors also use it as a crafting ingredient. Here’s where to find it in Starbound.

At this current moment in time, the only place you’re going to find it is from the cotton plants themselves. Plants can be grown by planting seeds which, in turn, you get from harvesting wild or grown cotton plants.

Wild cotton plants can be found on garden planets, which, lucky for us, is the first type of planet that players encounter in Starbound. These planets can also be found orbiting gentle stars. All you’ll need to do is seek a few of these out and hope that the harvest rewards you with Cotton Seed as well as the fiber itself.

Once you’ve got the seeds, you’ll want to make sure you keep coming back to check up on them and water them when they need it. Keep good care of your plants and you’ll be able to harvest them for fiber, with the chance of it also dropping some cotton seeds. Simply plant any seeds you get and continue to build a farm of the plants. Soon enough, getting the fluffy white stuff won’t be a problem you have to worry about every again.

That’s all there is to getting this sought after crafting material in Starbound. Now you can craft that teddy bear without having to worry.

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