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RimWorld: What to Feed Your Animals


RimWorld: What to Feed Your Animals

Don’t abuse the animals.

Feeding your animals is a crucial part of surviving in RimWorld. Thankfully, getting them to eat isn’t that difficult of a task at all. Firstly, you need to figure out the dietary patterns of your animals. For example, herbivores can usually be left to their own devices when you leave them to graze. However, animals like Wargs need some special attention. Wargs will only eat human meat and corpses, so you need to make sure you have those in stock when you want to feed them.

To feed an animal, you simply need to leave stockpiles of food for them in their accessible area. Whenever they’re hungry, the animals will automatically feed themselves, as long as there is food in their allowed area. You can also assign a handler to take care of the feeding for you. To assign a handler, simply head to the work window and assign them from there.

However, be careful of what you leave for the animals. They will also eat things like beer and fertilized eggs, so if there are any edible items you want to save for later, make sure not to leave them in the animals’ allowed area. Kibble is a good source of food for animals too, because these don’t have an expiry date.

With all this information in mind, you’ll be able to feed your RimWorld animals easily.

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