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RimWorld: How to Get Small Chunk Pieces Using the Radiation Gun

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RimWorld: How to Get Small Chunk Pieces Using the Radiation Gun

Here you are. You started up RimWorld and now you’re crash landed with a group of survivors and an AI storyteller on a strange planet full of materials, animals, diseases, and hostiles. It’s your job to survive by crafting, farming, and keeping everyone (including yourself) sane. If you manage to keep everyone’s wounds at bay, survive enemy attacks, and feed yourself, it’ll be time to start building. Chunks will play a large part of your building process, but how does one get small chunk pieces? With a radiation gun, of course.

First thing’s first, you’ll need the RimWorld Clutter mod. Then you’ll need to construct a radiation gun at a Thinker Table using a pistol and steel. You can also purchase a radiation gun from various visiting traders. Next up, you’re going to want to give the gun to your best miner, and command them to shoot it (which is the most confusing part of the whole process for most people.)

Go to the miner’s action list and pick the gun, then get them within three squares of the target rock/marble/etc chunk. Once they’re close enough, press the B key and left click on the chunk. This will turn the chunk into small chunk pieces, though how many you get isn’t always consistent.


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