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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Ice Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Ice Type Pokemon

There’s very few Ice type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, with all the available ones only being Ice hybrids. Regardless, there’s a “Skier” medal in it for you if you catch enough of them, so here’s where you can find all the frosty Pokemon you need.

Jynx (Ice/Psychic), Dewgong (Ice/Water), Cloyster (Ice/Water), and Lapras (Ice/Water) are the only frozen types available right now. Dewgong and Cloyster will more commonly be attained by evolving Seel and Shellder, while most people get Lapras through 10km eggs. If you want to catch some Ice types, your best bet is to head towards water. These Pokemon are most commonly found near water, with the exception of Jynx, who can be found in a variety of locations, including cities.

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Articuno would serve as a fifth option, but it seems the legendary bird brethren are probably not in the game yet. If they ever are, though, here’s some exotic locations around the world that would be great hosts to the three.

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