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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Fighting Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Fighting Type Pokemon

Flying Fists of Fury

For those of you who like to embrace their inner Bruce Lee from time to time, Fighting type Pokemon are the ones for you. However, finding these guys isn’t always so easy in Pokemon GO, as there is no truly defined place for “Fighting” types outside of real gyms. That doesn’t mean there aren’t likely places to find them, as our various staff members have consistently located them in two distinct areas.

One of these locations are cities and urban centers, as we have run into every type of Fighting Pokemon with the notable exception of Mankey. Pokemon such as Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan have been sighted in a variety of major cities, but be prepared for a difficult fight. This fighting duo won’t go down easy, so make sure to time your throws correctly if you want them to be yours.

The other area that we frequently run into fighting types are parks and grasslands. The main offenders are Mankeys and Machops, as we don’t see Hitmonlee or Hitmanchamp often in these areas. You can find Primape and Machoke in these locations as well, though much more rarely. However, if you are just unlucky with your searches, many Fighting type Pokemon can be hatched by both 5km and 10km eggs. Try to hit as many PokeStops as possible to stock up if you find yourself in desperate need of one.

The last two Fighting types in the game, Machamp and Poliwrath, are high evolutions unlikely to be found in the wild.

Looking for other types of Pokemon? Perhaps so you can get every Pokemon GO medal? If so, check out our Locations Guide here, and for everything Pokemon GO, head to our Ultimate Guide for every bit of information you could possibly want.

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