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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Bulbasaur


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Bulbasaur

Another day has gone by and people are still trying to find some of the rare creatures in Pokemon GO. Fear not, because we have another Pokemon sighting that might help you out. This time talking about one of the starters so make sure to get all the Poke Balls you can and get ready to go hunting.

We were able to catch a Bulbasaur at 91 CP in Moss Park, Orlando right off the main road. There was one person driving and another with both phones for the app. We had to pull over into the gas station there to stop and capture it. It’s a suburban area which has a low amount of traffic at night and is surrounded by trees. The trainer was level 10 (you will find rarer Pokemon at higher levels) that night and was able to get it with one Poke Ball. This is the second sighting for that trainer as they also ran into one in the parking lot of a supermarket in Lee Vista, Orlando. They were level 9 at the time and the Pokemon was only at 34 CP, that was also another quick capture and the area had a Gym nearby. 

Let us know if you have seen any Bulbasaurs in your area and any other rare sightings. For any more tips, tricks and everything in between make sure to check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide.

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