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Pokemon GO: How to Turn Off Music and Sound Effects


Pokemon GO: How to Turn Off Music and Sound Effects

Listen to your own music!

The background music and sound effects can get a little distracting while you’re trying to catch Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Thankfully, you can shut it off pretty easily by accessing the app’s setting menu on your phone.

When you boot up the app on your phone, tap the Pokeball icon on the screen. From there, you can tap the settings icon in the top corner and access the settings menu. Here, you’ll see a variety of options you can access to optimize your gameplay experience with the app. You’ll see options for the music, sound effects, vibration, and battery saver. You can also opt out of receiving email updates. Simply make sure to remove the checkmarks next to the music and sound effects options, and they won’t bother you anymore whenever you have the app open.

Now, you’ll be able to listen to your own music on the phone while you’re catching Pokemon on the go. This should also help with conserving your battery life if you’re out and about, and unable to get to a charging station.

What types of Pokemon have you managed to capture in Pokemon GO so far? Let us know in the comments down below.

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