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Pokémon GO Guide: How to Hatch Eggs Fast


Pokémon GO Guide: How to Hatch Eggs Fast

Gotta hatch ’em all.

In Pokémon GO, hatching eggs are a good way to get Pokémon that you may otherwise have a hard time finding. The more steps (km) it takes, the better the Pokémon inside.

However, unless you have time to walk a lot, hatching Pokémon can be time consuming. There aren’t any cheat codes or anything like that to get around this issue, but there are a couple of tips to make the egg hatching process a bit less time consuming.

First, is getting additional incubators so you can hatch multiple eggs at the same time. Everyone starts off with one that has unlimited use, but you can get more with Pokécoins. The ones you get with Pokécoins though break after three uses, so keep that in mind. This way, even though you still have to get out there and move around, you can at least kill two birds with one stone.

While it sounds obvious, another tip for hatching eggs faster in Pokémon GO is taking a page from Sonic the Hedgehog’s book and go faster. Jogging, obviously racks up steps faster than simply walking. While it may drain on your battery, you can take Pokémon GO with you for a jog, and hatch some eggs while getting exercise.

Aside from walking and running, there are some other sneakier ways to potentially hatch eggs faster, although they aren’t as reliable. Pokémon GO egg hatching tracks distance and steps. So driving doesn’t work because you’ll be moving too fast to register the steps. However, some people have reported that driving slow, does register some distance on your egg. Just make sure to keep it safely in the passenger seat. No driving while Pokémon catching!

You could also try roller skating or skateboarding instead. Those activities require steps of sorts, and you’ll move considerably faster. You could also be really crafty and try attaching it to small toys that move, like an RC car or a electric train toy, but now we’re really getting into the weeds. You get the idea by now.

Your experience may vary though since at the end of the day, the egg hatching system is designed for walking/running, and not really anything else. But if you’re desperate, it could be worth a shot.

That does for how to hatch eggs faster in Pokémon GO. Be sure to check out our wiki page for more tips and tricks.

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