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Watch Dogs Set to Receive a Live-Action Movie

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Watch Dogs Set to Receive a Live-Action Movie

But, will it have a real story?

Looks like Ubisoft is going head first into the feature film business as Watch Dogs is the next title to be made into a full-fledged movie. While Assassin’s Creed is set to release December 21st of this year, it’s clear that Ubisoft wants to expand their grasp in the film business. Watch Dogs is a title that could offer an interesting take as the hacker culture of today really isn’t touched upon outside of the popular television show Mr. Robot.

On the other hand, this could easily be a complete flop for Ubisoft since the last Watch Dogs had a fairly dull story. Given how tricky it is to adapt an open world game into a single, cohesive narrative, it will be interesting to see how Ubisoft does with this title.

Whether it will follow our newest protagonist Marcus Holloway or the original lead Aiden Pearce is still very much unknown, though we can certainly hope for the former. There has been no word on a director or cast, but there is no doubt 20th Century Fox will be involved.  Though the one question that must really be on everyone’s mind is will it have a “..Real Story.”

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