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Video Games: What Does DLC Stand For?

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Video Games: What Does DLC Stand For?

Step right up and get your DLC.

If you just got into gaming or just started becoming acquainted with the online side of things, you’re going to hear the term DLC an awful lot. What does it stand for? Downloadable Content. That’s content that you can download from a virtual marketplace to put into your game.

Now DLC covers any digital content: songs, skins, characters, modes, levels, weapons, cars, expansions, etc. It can also be either free or paid (sometimes referred to as ‘premium’) DLC. When free, you simply need the game and an internet connection. Just access your console or PC store menu and download the content you want. For the paid stuff, you’ll need to have a payment method assigned to your account or have access to your games Season Pass (or equivalent).

For the most part, DLC is content that extends the base game, but you’ll often find silly things like new clothes for your character to wear that are strictly cosmetic. These will usually be sold as part of microtransactions (low cost purchases).

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