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New Zelda Wii U Image Leaks Out of Amazon Posting

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New Zelda Wii U Image Leaks Out of Amazon Posting

And it’s beautiful.

A new image of the next Zelda game has leaked out of a new posting for the game on Amazon. The image depicts Link climbing a mountain (possibly with some sort of climbing tool). The image doesn’t say much more about Link himself, but does give us a good look at the world the game will take place in. You can clearly spot an active volcano in the background, as well as several buildings and what looks to be a city of sorts.

This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a look at the new Zelda game, and Link has consistenetly worn his quiver on his lower hip, so that seems to be something Link will always have on him (once acquired, of course) in the game. The image also seems to hint at the variety we can expect in the game’s environments. We can clearly see a greener, plains-like area in the lower left, and the terrain only gets more mountainous and sharp the farther right you go. This image seems to represent the new open-world nature of the game, and show off the different locales that can be ridden to at any time. Only time will tell if this is true, but at least we need only wait until Tuesday morning.

What do you think of the this Zelda art?


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