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Report: The Division’s Player Count on PC Has Dropped by 93% Since Launch

The Division, Falcon Lost Incursion

Report: The Division’s Player Count on PC Has Dropped by 93% Since Launch

That’s…a lot of players stepping away.

According to Githyp, The Division’s player base has greatly dropped on Steam since its launch only a few months ago. Ubisoft’s highly-anticipated post-pandemic shooter has fallen from its reported peak of 2.1 million players at launch to a mere 143k total players yesterday, a difference of about 93%.

Rainbow Six Siege, another Ubisoft title that launched late last year, has seen a player drop-off of its own, but still bolsters significantly more players on Steam than The Division. Yesterday, Siege’s numbers sat at about 203k players, or #28 overall on Steam.

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Just two days ago, Ubisoft activated The Division’s “Clear Sky Challenge” mode, and a few weeks prior added the game’s second incursion, Clear Sky. The company has kept a steady flow of updates in the game, like the ability to hijack loot from other players, but the amount and quality of new gameplay content has seen a largely muted response from the audience.

Another concern is the game’s numerous exploits, a problem that greatly plagues the PC version and could help to explain this dramatic abandonment. Well, that, and Overwatch. But there are reasons not to give up on The Division, so let’s hope Ubisoft can earn their PC player base back in the future.

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