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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Has a Couple of Cool Dark Souls References


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Has a Couple of Cool Dark Souls References


EA and DICE must really like the Dark Souls series, seeing as how they have two (so far) references in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst that give a nod to From Software’s popular series.

The first, and most obvious, reference is found in the game’s trophy/achievements list. If you build up Faith’s focus meter by performing actions and other awesome parkour things, and keep the full meter going for a little while, you’ll unlock a trophy called ‘Praise The Run.’ This is a very obvious reference to a popular quote spoken by one of the most iconic characters of the Dark Souls series. Knight Solaire, who appears in the first Dark Souls game, utters ‘Praise the Sun’ when he meets the player for the first time, and ‘Praise the Sun’ is also the name of a gesture that can be found in all three Dark Souls games. Souls fans also love saying this whenever something favorable occurs.

mirror's edge catalyst

The second reference is a little more subtle. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst likes to give player tips on its loading screens, and one of its tips read: “If you see a rat the size of a car, you’re playing the wrong game.” Hmm. What popular video games do we know feature large, gigantic rats that are capable of stun locking you to death? Dark Souls. Again, rats are a very common enemy in the Souls games, and the giant rats are even more fearsome. Considering that Catalyst has a trophy that’s a clear nod to Dark Souls, and the fact that there are definitely no rats in this game, this has to be another reference to the Souls games.

What other cool references have you found in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? Let us know in the comments down below.

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