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Garry’s Mod: How to Kick Players and Ban IP Addresses

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Garry’s Mod: How to Kick Players and Ban IP Addresses

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re playing a multiplayer game, and someone comes along you just want to boot out of your life. When this happens in Garry’s Mod, here’s how to kick that player.

First, you’ll need power. The power to do powerful things. Basically, you need to be the administrator of the server, or a moderator given permission to kick people.

Next, once you have the power, you need to enable the console, or what you’ll use to input the kick command. Head to the Options field of the main menu, and then head to the advanced menu. There, you’ll find a check box that when clicked will enable the console. Save these settings.

Last, you need to unleash the command. Press the tilde key on your keyboard (the little squiggle that looks like this: ~). This will bring up the console, where you can type /kick. Type a player’s name after this command, then hit enter, and you’ll have kicked that person from the server.

If you’re still having troubles, the /banip and /banid will keep that user’s IP address from entering your server.

Now you can continue whatever Garry’s Mod enjoyment you were having. Use your newfound kicking powers wisely.

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