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Destiny: What Is Elo Rating?

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Destiny: What Is Elo Rating?

Elo in Destiny can be pretty confusing, especially since so many players don’t even know what it means. It’s a rating system used to rank a players skill based on how they play against other humans. Each PvP mode has its very own ranking, and your rankings are tied to your account, so it doesn’t matter which class you’re running.

All players start at 1,200 points, placing them automatically in silver. As you beat opponents, you take points from them and add them to yours. The amount of points varies by how much higher or lower their Elo rating is than yours. This number is used to denote how good of a player you are. Obviously, those who can maintain high scores are good at eliminating others while not being killed themselves.

Here are the tiers for Elo Ratings:

  • Bronze: 0 – 1099
  • Silver:  1100 – 1299
  • Gold: 1300 – 1499
  • Platinum: 1500 – 1699
  • Diamond:  1700+

You can check your Elo Ratings by going here and inputting your PSN ID or Gamertag. it’s as simple as that.

No go kick some ass, Guardian.

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