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Berserk Musou is Determined to Represent the Manga Well


Berserk Musou is Determined to Represent the Manga Well

Guts in a musou-like game.

Speaking to Koei Tecmo today, they didn’t really have much to say about Berserk Musou. However, they did promise that more information about this new Omega Force game will be revealed on June 23. According to Koei Tecmo, the collaboration with Omega Force doesn’t mean that Berserk Musou will simply be a re-skinned Musou or Dynasty Warriors game, and they’ve promised that this will be an action game with gameplay and combat that will lend themselves well to the spirit of Berserk.

Koei Tecmo also reassured us by saying that there will indeed be tons of monsters in the game, and gameplay will be adjusted to “represent the IP well.” In addition to that, it is also likely that the game will support cross-save between the PS4 and Vita.

For those who may not be aware, Berserk is a manga that deals with dark themes like isolation, and the debate over whether humanity is fundamentally good or evil. It also happens to be one of the inspirations for From Software’s Bloodborne, which saw its release on the PS4 las year.

Berserk Musou is set to be released for the PS4, PS Vita, and PC via Steam.

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