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Uncharted 4: What Happens to Chloe and Where Things Left off with Nathan

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Uncharted 4: What Happens to Chloe and Where Things Left off with Nathan

Uncharted 4 Spoiler Warning: Turn back if you really don’t want to know the deal with Chloe.

Uncharted 4 is the closing chapter for Nathan Drake, which means many fans are curious as to how things turned out between him and his old lover, Chloe.

Though many expected her to return in the series’ fourth installment, Chloe actually does not make an appearance in Uncharted 4, at least physically. The only mention of her is a brief note stashed away in Nathan Drake’s attic.

Exploring the attic, players will find a collection of memories from Drake’s past adventurous, including a journal about their Iram of the Pillars escapade. Tucked into this book is a note from the Royale Inn in Sri Lanka:

“Nate –

How’s things? I’ve been up to my usual shenanigans. Nothing major, but enough to keep the heat on and the wine stocked. 

Caught wind of something that sounded right up your alley – should you ever change your mind, give me a yell, I’m always on hand for a quick getaway.

Love, Chloe <3″

“Mmm, in another life, Chloe,” Drake says while examining the letter.

It seems she’s still off traveling the world, with an open invitation for Nate if he ever needs a getaway driver, or some other kind of getaway.

Is that all we’ll see of Chloe? Well, perhaps. Uncharted 4 is still set to receive story DLC, which could see her return. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if she does reappear.

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