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The Last Guardian Gets New Gameplay Video and Screenshots

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The Last Guardian Gets New Gameplay Video and Screenshots

More details about Trico’s dreamy eyes.

Following Edge’s hands-on preview with The Last Guardian yesterday, IGN has also uploaded a video showing off the beginning of the game, along with some Trico gameplay footage and an interview with director Fumito Ueda. The preview shows off the young protagonist tending to a wounded Trico as he pulls an arrow out of his body, and also gives us an idea of how players can expect to interact with the animal.

Ueda comments that trust between Trico and the boy has to be built up over time, and this is done through various means of communication and cooperation. While Trico may often disobey the boy’s instructions early on in the game, he might grow to trust you the more you two work together. A new mechanic that was brought up in the video indicates that Trico’s eyes actually change colors in various situations. For example, if there’s a threatening force nearby, his eyes will turn red.

IGN also provided a handful of screenshots straight from the gameplay preview itself, and you can check them out below.

Ueda recently reconfirmed with Edge that The Last Guardian is still set to be released within 2016. Perhaps we’ll get a solid release date at E3 this year.

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