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The Division Currently Has 9.5 Million Registered Users

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The Division Currently Has 9.5 Million Registered Users

That’s a really big number.

Say what you will about The Division and its game-breaking  and cheating problems, there’s no questioning its commercial success in the video games industry. Ubisoft’s year-end financial report stated that both The Division and Far Cry Primal exceeded their expectations and that they saw “a significant increase in player engagement levels for [their] games.”

“The Division currently has 9.5 million registered users, and active players are playing the game an average of three hours per day. These successes resulted in our digital segment outperforming our targets for the fiscal year and positively impacted our profitability.”

Things seem to be looking up for Ubisoft as they work on fixing the issues present in The Division, and even have a great lineup of AAA games coming this year, including a Watch Dogs sequel, For Honor, and a new South Park game.

Are you still playing The Division at an “average of three hours per day”? Let us know your thoughts on the game as a whole in the comments down below.

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