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Table Top Racing: World Tour- How to Drift


Table Top Racing: World Tour- How to Drift

A bit more complicated than getting from point A to point B.

Table Top Racing: World Tour

The drifting events are likely the most difficult portion of Table Top Racing: World Tour. Unlike just about anything else in the game, they have nothing to do with getting around the track quickly. Instead, they require an entirely unique approach.

When doing the championship drifting events, the first thing you want to do is make sure you have the right car. In the garage tab, under the street racer’s category, you want to make sure to buy the very first car. Called the Rally’s Cool 72, this car has the best drift ability in the game.

Go ahead and then upgrade the acceleration and handling all the way up. If you have the money, upgrade top speed as well. While still getting a feel for drifting, its better to leave the the top speed lower. You can turn it up or down at anytime in the garage (R1 and L1 on the PS4).

Once you have your car, its time to get on the track. The game automatically equips drifting tires to your car for drifting events. Immediately you’ll realize drifting is about getting up to speed and staying there while keeping the car under control. Unlike a game like Mario Kart for instance were drifting is its own button, the cars in Table Top Racing will do it on their own whenever drifting tires are equipped.

In order to drift, start at the outside of the turn, tap your brake or let off the gas depending on how sharp it is, turn towards the middle of turn, and continue to pump and maintain the gas to keep your speed up as you make your way around.

As you turn, you will rack up points. The longer you can keep that combo going the better. If you slow down too much, straighten out, or loose control and the car spins out however, the points will stop coming in. If that pause is long enough, the combo will end and the points will be added to your score.

While that might sound bad, the alternative is far worse. If you so much as tap the wall (or fall off the track for that matter) your combo won’t only stop, those points will be erased.

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