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Overwatch Tips: How to Play McCree


Overwatch Tips: How to Play McCree

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McCree in Overwatch


In true cowboy fashion, McCree wields a six-shooter revolver and even has the ability to fan the hammer and unload the entire chamber quickly. While this does sound like a fancy move, it’s generally best to save this alternate fire for encounters that are more up close and personal. McCree’s regular fire with the Peacemaker is best used when trying to shoot foes that are a little further away from you. Because the Peacemaker only holds six bullets at a time, it’s important not to spam his bullets and instead try to make all of your shots count. He doesn’t have very high speed and mobility either, so it’s usually best to stick near tank characters like Reinhardt so he can cover you with his shield.

McCree also has a handy Combat Roll ability that allows him to perform a dodge roll while simultaneously reloading his gun. This is great for confusing enemies, getting away from them, and also pulling off a quick reload whenever you’re out of rounds. What’s cool about the Combat Roll is that it can be performed in any direction. So if you’re pointing him left, McCree will dodge left when you activate the ability.

The Flashbang ability travels a very short distance and it only affects enemies in a small radius around you. However, it can be deadly if you pair it up with McCree’s Peacemaker alternate fire. By using the Flashbang, you’ll be able to stun your enemies for a moment, and then quickly unload all six rounds in their direction. Characters with lower HP will usually die from your assault, and even if they somehow manage to survive, a quick reload and another couple of bullets should make very short work of them. If you’re ever in trouble and you can’t make a quick escape, throw out the Flashbang to quickly incapacitate your foes. However, do note that the Flashbang will not affect enemies behind shields.

Lastly, McCree’s ultimate ability Deadeye can quickly take out multiple enemies in his line of sight. Once you activate the ultimate, McCree will walk slowly around the field while lining up killshots. This means that he’ll be very vulnerable to attacks. There will be circles forming around your enemies’ heads, and once the circles turn into red skulls, you can fire and all enemies with red skulls will be killed instantly. However, it does take more time to line up the killshots for characters with higher health, so I don’t suggest using this ability on tank characters with full health. This ability is best used if you’re behind a shield, or being protected by your team. If you can activate Deadeye from higher ground, enemies will have a harder time spotting you, and you’ll have a lot more time to line up those killshots.

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