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Hitman’s Elusive Target Trailer Gives You Your First Mark


Hitman’s Elusive Target Trailer Gives You Your First Mark

Looks like we’re off to Paris!

Hitman’s new Elusive Target mode has just received a trailer pending it’s quickly approaching release. This new, deceptively challenging mode gives users 48 real world hours to hunt down a target and kill him. The catch is that you have no saves and one shot at finishing the hit. Though we previously covered the details on Hitman’s new mode, we finally know exactly who and where we will be hunting our prey.

Sergei Larin is the name of our first Elusive Target, an accomplished art forger that is hold up in the Paris mission. His wife is away in New York, leaving you to find and eliminate him in the massive Paris mansion. On the official Hitman website, developer IO Interactive has set the release time for the target at 9:00 AM PDT/12:00 PM EST. IO Interactive have asked players to use #ElusiveTarget if you are sharing your best moments or live streaming the event. Keep checking in at the official Hitman Twitter for more details, as they will be constantly updating information on this new 48-hour game mode.

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