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Take a Look at Persona 5’s Stylish Japanese Boxart

Persona 5, release date, cover, boxart, best ps4 exclusives

Take a Look at Persona 5’s Stylish Japanese Boxart

Just as stylish as everything else with Persona.

Persona fans got some big news today during Atlus’ ‘Take Tokyo Tower’ livestream event on Niconico. We were given a sleek new five minute trailer, along with the announcement of a firm release date in Japan. The trailer is in Japanese, but gives us a lengthy look at new gameplay, battle and even some brand new party members.

Now we also have a chance to see the official Japanese boxart for the game. The image comes courtesy of Persona Central via Famitsu. On it you can see Persona 5’s prominent theme of the color red, along with each of the main characters prominently displayed. Click on the image to view a larger version.

Persona 5, boxart, cover, announcement, release date, ps4,

Persona 5 will launch on September 15, 2016 in Japan. It’s unconfirmed if the date will be the same in North America and other English-speaking territories, or if the boxart will be the same. Atlus also announced that the game will be appearing again at E3, and even has a teaser site up for the event. Along with everything else, a special “20th Anniversary Edition” of the game was announced for Japan. This edition includes the game, an art book and a five disc best of the series soundtrack among other thing.

Have you marked your calendars for Persona 5 already? Do you hope the boxart stays the same in North America, or would you like to see something different. Let us know down in the comments.



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