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Fallout 4 Far Harbor PSA: The Memory Puzzles are Optional


Fallout 4 Far Harbor PSA: The Memory Puzzles are Optional

No more hair-tearing frustration.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor is a fantastic experience overall. With new companions, new weapons, and new armor to collect, it’s a worthy expansion to this already massive open world RPG. However, it also comes with an incredibly annoying puzzle segment. Be warned, there are minor plot spoilers listed below, so don’t read on if you want a completely fresh experience of the DLC.

As part of the main mission, you’ll have to convince the Children of Atom that you’re one of them, and then proceed to access DiMA’s memories in a main computer. While you do have to get past the first three levels of the memory puzzle, what the game doesn’t tell you is that the last two levels (also the hardest and most frustrating in the entire segment) are completely optional.

Completing these last two levels will simply give you more information about your detective companion Nick Valentine, and the location of an armor set. While these are cool to obtain, they don’t actually give you any mission triggers, and are not at all required for the completion of the Far Harbor main story. So unless you’re a completionist and really want to uncover every bit of information and available piece of gear available in Far Harbor, get out of there once you’ve gotten what you need from the first three puzzles.

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