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DOOM 25% Off Deal for Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4


DOOM 25% Off Deal for Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4

Friday the 13th has been a fitting release date for 2016’s Doom. The game has been well-received and the helpful guides are now trickling in.

Given the game is now fully released, all the previous available pre-order bonuses have gone the way of the abyss. You will no longer receive a free copy of Doom 3: BFG Edition, or Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, depending on the retailer you’re buying from.

But in light of all the missing freebies, you can STILL save up to 25% off a fresh copy of Doom on the PC , PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. Details below. Update 5/20: The console 25% off deals are unfortunately expired, but there is now a new, cheaper 25% off deal for the PC Steam copy of Doom!

Doom PC Discounts

Doom Console Discounts

  • Doom (PS4, Xbox One) — $44.99 at NewEgg (list $60)
  • Use code: EMCEJFH69
  • Ends May 19!

Note that the Newegg Doom console deals will end very soon, as early as tomorrow morning. If you missed out – don’t fret. You’ve already held back on Day 1 gaming and we’re almost certain Doom will make a revisit in this price range once again in the near future.

For PC gamers on the Steam platform (re: everybody), you can buy Steam copies of Doom straight from GMG, an authorized Bethesda retailer. Use our discount code above and you’ll knock 20% off the total list price. The deal is valid for Doom standard edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Doom’s Season Pass too. Coupon ends later this weekend but they’ve been known to be extended.

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