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Star Fox Zero: How to Beat Andross

star fox zero

Star Fox Zero: How to Beat Andross

The end of your space adventure!

Your battle against Andross marks the very end of your adventure in Star Fox Zero. Here’s how to beat Andross and complete the game.

The boss battle will start out simple enough with your having to avoid beams that are being fired at you in the ‘Target Mode.’ Simply move up and down to avoid the beams in order to stay alive. Once the beams are out of the way, you can then start dishing out the damage to Andross himself.

When facing off against him, you should notice that he has two orange/red dots on his hands. These are his weak points and are where you’re going to want to aim all of your attacks for now in order to deal damage. Once you’ve hit one of these weak spots enough, one of his hands will disappear and you’ll go back to having to avoid the beams in ‘Target Mode.’ Once you’ve finished evading them, look for a blue platform on your Gamepad, and then go through in Walker form.

Just like before, focus all of your firepower on Andross’ weak point on his hand. You can make this easier by locking on to Andross with ZL, and then combine some evasive maneuvers with shots to his hand. Be wary, though, during this stage, Andross will have the ability to use a tractor beam to grab you and draw you close. If this does happen, relentlessly blast away at the weak spot as you start being drawn in and fly to safety when it lets go. Once you’ve destroyed the hand, head back outside and continue to dodge more beams. Enter back inside through a blue platform when it’s all done.

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