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Square Refutes Tabata’s Final Fantasy XV Sales Claim

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Square Refutes Tabata’s Final Fantasy XV Sales Claim

The sales projections were more personal than necessary.

Wasting no time whatsoever, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata revealed the morning after Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered that the game would have to sell 10 million copies in order to break even.

However Square Enix, publisher of Final Fantasy XV was quick to refute and subsequently amend Tabata’s statement, saying that instead of referencing the sales figures of the publisher, Tabata was instead referencing the development team’s goal.

The statement from Square Enix, per GameInformer, follows:

“We’d like to make a comment on the news reports that state Hajime Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy XV, commented that Final Fantasy XV needed to sell 10 million copies to recoup the investment at the press conference held yesterday in LA.

We believe that there was a communication problem during that press conference. In fact, Tabata was only referencing 10 million copies only as a high goal which the development team set to realize their ambition to make the ultimate Final Fantasy game. And the comment was never meant to be referred as a recoup line of the investment.”

If these were in fact the sales needed to break even, then the upcoming game would be tasked with selling the same amount of copies that Final Fantasy VII has sold to date, coming in at around 11 worldwide.

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