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Hyper Light Drifter: How to Beat the Toad Boss in the East

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Hyper Light Drifter: How to Beat the Toad Boss in the East

Farewell you ugly toad!

To the North, East, South, and West of the central hub world of Hyper Light Drifter lie difficult bosses to defeat. Here’s how to take down the Toad Boss in the East.

First off, make sure you’ve taken advantage of the health packs just outside of the area that the Toad Boss is in. Hyper Light Drifter’s bosses are punishing and you don’t want to go in ill-prepared. To each side of the door there are a number of health packs waiting to be collected, and trust me, you’re going to want to be fully-stocked.

When you finally come face-to-face with the Toad Boss, it’ll use three different kinds of attack. The first are the projectiles that look like fire in a jar. It will throw these around the whole stage, so keep an eye out for where it’s throwing them and simply move out the way. It’s not always right to use your dash to evade it during these early stages, so make sure to only use it when you’re pretty sure you’re about to get hit. Otherwise, walking around the area during this stage is much easier to control where you’re going.

Once the Toad Boss has thrown enough of these around, it’ll move onto throwing a couple of the smaller enemies you’ll have already faced on your way here. All you’ll want to do here is slash them with your sword. Doing so once will result in them falling onto their backs, but also exploding a couple of seconds later. This is what you’ll want to use to your advantage.

Hyper Light Drifter, Toad Boss, East, how to, beat, guide, walkthrough, tips, tricks

As soon as the Toad Boss has released these small enemies upon you, he’ll begin the jump phase of his attack pattern. What you want to do is slash one of the small enemies, and then lure the Toad Boss to land right by it by standing next to it. As soon as you see it jump, dash away. The Toad Boss will land on the small enemy just as it explodes and will be stunned for a good few seconds. Get in a good solid six to eight strikes with your blade before retreating and repeating the process.

When the boss reaches about half health, there will be a significant increase in the speed of its attacks. This will be where you’ll want to use your dash during the first phase of projectiles as otherwise, it’ll swarm your surrounding area with them. Make sure to use your health packs when needed and continue to chip away at its health with the process mentioned here. If you’re feeling particularly risky, you can get some hits in on it as it ends the first projectile phase, but don’t try for any more than about three, or you’ll take a ton of damage.

Once the Toad Boss falls, you’ll be able to grab yourself a good few Gear Bits from its corpse. Congratulations, you’ve taken down one of Hyper Light Drifter’s bosses. Just three more to go!

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