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Hyper Light Drifter: How to Beat the Archer to the South


Hyper Light Drifter: How to Beat the Archer to the South

It’s raining arrows!

As you approach the first quarter of the pink diamond to the South, you’ll be ambushed by a quick-moving archer. It can be a real pain to take down, but with the right plan of attack this battle can be taken care of pretty quickly.

The first rule to this mini-boss fight is to always stay close. While a lot of the other boss battles so far in Hyper Light Drifter have required you to keep your distance unless attacking, this archer’s strength is its ranged attacks.

Stay close to it and combo your gun and sword as much as possible. Keeping close renders his ranged arrow attack almost ineffective, which otherwise can cause pretty hefty damage. For some reason, if you stay close his arrow attack just doesn’t seem to work. This means that for a pretty large amount of this battle you can just keep getting free hits in. That is, as long as you dash when the archer does.

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The other attack the archer might try is the scattering of explosive arrows around the battleground. This is where this battle can get a bit more difficult. As you’re dashing around trying to keep up with the archer, you’re now going to need to evade these mines. If you hit one while dashing, you not only lose a chunk of life but leave yourself open to one of the archer’s ranged arrow attacks.

Be careful during this phase and check your path before dashing. It’s better to be a bit slower and eventually get all up in the archer’s face than to hit one of these explosive arrow mines and leaving yourself vulnerable to a whole ton of damage. As long as you keep close and keep slashing and shooting away, it shouldn’t be long until this archer is dealt with. Now you can actually lift the diamond quadrant up in peace!

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