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15 Dark Souls III Mechanics You Might Not Know About


15 Dark Souls III Mechanics You Might Not Know About

A look at some of Dark Souls III’s hidden mechanics.

Dark Souls III isn’t the type of game to hold your hand and explain all its mechanics to you upfront. In fact, many players can complete many playthroughs without fully understanding just how deep and intricate all systems run.

Even the most experienced SoulsBorne players are having a hard time getting acclimated to Dark Souls III challenging environment. Why not make it easier on yourself and get a quick run-down by a seasoned pro?

Thankfully, YouTube user and SoulsBorne player VaatiVidya put together a list of of some of Dark Souls III’s more obscure mechanics, saving you the hassle of dying hundreds of times as you get your bearings.

  1. 0:13 – Estus Shortcut
  2. 0:35 – Fashion Souls
  3. 1:06 – Hollowing Mechanic
  4. 2:56 – Multiplayer with friends
  5. 3:31 – Invading and PvP Mechanics
  6. 4:51 – Parries from behind
  7. 5:10 – Viscerals & vulnerability
  8. 5:50 – Jumping attacks
  9. 6:04 – Jump without rolling
  10. 6:44 – Weapon arts without focus
  11. 7:22 – Charge attacks
  12. 7:25 Running darts
  13. 7:32 – Equip Burden
  14. 7:38 – Dual wield power stance
  15. 7:53 – How Defense Works in Dark Souls 3

From fundamentals of combat, to explanations of the strange nature of PvP, Vaati’s tips and tricks will get players ready for action in no time.

For players looking for more substantial help with the game – whether it be quests or item locations, fret not! Take a look at Twinfinite’s expanding wiki of Dark Souls III.

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