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Destiny Update v The Division Update: Who Won?


Destiny Update v The Division Update: Who Won?

The clash of the shared-world shooters…

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Destiny, Divison

Truthfully, no matter how you look at it, neither game really won. After all the hype and build up to each major content drop, both Destiny’s April Update and The Division’s Incursion Update left a bit to be desired. With that in mind, however, both games can learn a lot from the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors.

Both updates added new endgame activities, changed up game mechanics, and looked to give gamers more reason to keep coming back. With all of that, taken with the fact that both updates came out on the very same day, it’s impossible not to compare the two side by side.

Despite their tonal differences, Destiny and The Division are both at the forefront the growing genre of shared-world shooters. With Bungie and Ubisoft Massive still very much in unexplored territory, stumbles are to be expected. What’s interesting, however, is the fact both stumbled in exactly opposite directions.

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