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Bravely Second: How to Add Friends

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Bravely Second: How to Add Friends

Everyone needs a few friends.

Adding friends in Bravely Second serves a couple different purposes. It allows you to obtain more villagers for the reconstruction of Fort-Lune, and it also gives you the option of calling your friends for help in battle. You can also record a special attack in battle, then send it to your friends to use.

The process of adding friends in the game is actually fairly simple. What you’ll need to do is either hit right on the D-pad and select the save menu, or speak to the adventurer in towns and dungeons who lets you save. From here, you need to select the “Add Friends” option, which presents you with the choice of registering via the internet or by local wireless. Local wireless will allow you to connect to someone who’s near you with their 3DS and a copy of Bravely Second.

Using the internet option will connect to the internet and try to register anyone that is already on your 3DS’ friends list. If they’ve played Bravely Second they’ll be added as your friend in the game. If you want to add someone that isn’t already on your friend list, you’ll need to get their 12-digit 3DS friend code and add them to your list.

Do you summon your friends during battle in Bravely Second?

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