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Atlus USA Will Bring The King of Fighters XIV Stateside

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Atlus USA Will Bring The King of Fighters XIV Stateside

Atlus USA will bring all 50 fighters to the states.

Atlus USA has announced through their official twitter account that Atlus USA has teamed up with SNK Playmore to bring The King of Fighters XIV to the States. Atlus USA has gained a reputation of having great expertise in localizing games after being famous for their hand in bringing popular Japanese SEGA titles, such as the Yakuza and Project DIVA series, to the West.

Atlus USA has fully embraced this team up with SNK Playmore with a new The King of Fighters section on their website complete with information and screenshots. Atlus has also placed the 11th teaser trailer for The King of Fighters XIV on their official Youtube channel titled, “The King of Fighters XIV is Arriving to the Americas This Year” with the description of the video detailing out all of the new features. This includes mentioning the fully rendered 3D graphics, the online capabilities, and the impressive 50 character roster.

You can view their official site for more details on the game.

The King of Fighters XIV still does not have an official release date, but will come out sometime later this year.

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