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Xbox One Overwatch Listing Advertises a Dynamic Theme

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Xbox One Overwatch Listing Advertises a Dynamic Theme

Are dynamic themes on the way to Xbox One?

Dynamic Themes, the pretty ones that actually do stuff and aren’t just static, are usually pretty sweet looking. Sony released Dynamic Theme support back on the PS3 and it was an instant hit, making its way to the PS4. If a pre-order listing on the Xbox Store is correct, Xbox One owners could be getting Dynamic Theme support soon too.

The pre-order page for the Overwatch: Origins Edition shows that it offers a “unique dynamic theme” when pre-ordering the game, among other things like 48-hour early access to the beta and a Noire Skin for the Widowmaker.

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Keep in mind that the PlayStation Store listing has the exact same text. This could just mean that it was copied and pasted across the marketplaces, with very little attention to detail. Then again, in a world where Microsoft announces Cross Network Play, you never know what they up their sleeve. Take this with a grain of salt, as it could just be an error on Microsoft’s end, an error that could smash the dreams of theme lovers.

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This post was originally written by Marco Cocomello.

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