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Listen to the Sounds of Fallout 4 Blended Into One Song

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Listen to the Sounds of Fallout 4 Blended Into One Song

A brand new wasteland tune.

Bethesda’s sprawling open-world RPG is full of memorable sounds, from the blaring of a siren to the blast of a laser rifle. You’ll hear a few of these familiar sounds in the video below, made by the talented YouTube user Bit Juice.

The “Wasteland Cocktail” is made entirely with sound effects from Fallout 4 and no additional instruments. GameSpot spoke to Bit Juice about the song and video, saying that the musician has been playing music for ten year, and now creates “plunder-phonic game music.” He told the website about his inspiration for the song,

“This is kinda just a new idea that I felt connected with. I love making music and I love games, so it just clicked.”

Bit Juice spends upwards of 200 hours on a song like this, going through different sound effects and seeing if they fit together. Right now Wasteland Cocktail is the user’s only video on YouTube, but he hopes to do more songs from games like Skyrim and Portal 2 in the future.

Take a look at the music video down below. What do you think about Bit Juice’s inventive take on making music with the sound effects of Fallout 4? What other games would you like to see something similar from?


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