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Bungie’s Marketing Director Denounces Destiny Sequel Leak


Bungie’s Marketing Director Denounces Destiny Sequel Leak

Bungie steps in.

Since a source named “Geno” claimed to have revealed the title and release date for Destiny 2 earlier today, Eric Osborne of Bungie has since denounced the rumor.

The leak speculated that the still-unannounced sequel to 2014’s Destiny would be titled “Beyond Destiny,” and while the source claimed that Bungie were eyeing a 2017 release for the sequel, a Q4 2016 launch was far more likely.

The source of the leak, known merely as “Geno,” went on to state that Activision has a particular focus on bringing the Destiny sequel to the NX console when it eventually launches. The reason stated for this is that multiple NX consoles can be linked together if in close proximity to one another, effectively allowing users to play local multiplayer matches together.

Bungie’s Marketing Director, Eric Osborne, provided a light-hearted denouncement of the leak on his Twitter account.

In recent news regarding both Destiny and its upcoming sequel, Bungie officially stated last month that players can expect a “large” expansion later this year for the original game, and that the sequel will be launching in 2017.

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