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Atlus USA Games Are Now to Be Published By SEGA


Atlus USA Games Are Now to Be Published By SEGA

Persona 5 to be published by SEGA too.

Atlus USA, famous for the critically acclaimed Persona series, has announced that Sonic publisher, SEGA will now be publishing their games. This was to be expected since SEGA’s buyout of Index Corporation. This means that the much anticipated Persona 5 will now be published by SEGA. To be clear, SEGA will not have a hand in development of their games but instead will use their larger resources to better promote and market Atlus USA games. Both brands will still remain independent and will continue to operate separately. From the perspective of users, there will be little to no change.

SEGA and Atlus have a positive business relationship, as Atlus has helped SEGA greatly when it comes to bringing SEGA’s Japanese titles to the west and localizing them for audiences. So hopefully, this decision will be beneficial to both companies, and also to the fans.

The company gives more information about the agreement through Game Informer.

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